TNE is a professional company, manufacturing the lamp lights and medical care. Owns two brands that TNE and MEDILAMP 

The main categories of products: Infrared Lamps, Lamps Medical, medical lamps bent, cold light lamps minor surgery, minor surgery light LED technology, MEDILAMP lights, lights emit a warm, light vision, ultraviolet light, air sterilized vegetables ... Each type has many models, different utility functions. TNE is always special to meet all kinds of lights in order.

Founded in 1994, 23 years of experience always pioneering scientific investment, product research and development, have good equipment and staff resources with highly qualified skilled and enthusiastic to produce light products always have good features, durability, crafted, low cost and meet bulk orders 

In Vietnam, TNE is a manufacturer of lamps provide medicine to the hospitals: Cho Ray, Thong Nhat, Bach Mai, 108, International Happiness, French-Vietnamese, Columbia ... In addition, production TNE company's products are sold at the door long months of medical devices, electrical appliances shops in most provinces and cities of Vietnam's territory

The products manufactured in TNE is the degree of protection certificates and exclusive property match ..