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About Thanh Nhan TNE

      Thanh Nhan TNE Production - Trading - Services Company operates in two fields: Real Estate and Medical Equipment.

       In the field of medical equipment, Thanh Nhan TNE specializes in the production, distribution and service of medical lamps, medical beds, wheelchairs ..., owning two famous brands, TNE and MEDILAMP.

      Main products include: Infrared Lamp, Medical Film Reading Lamp, Medical Multi-Purpose Lamp, Led Examination Lamp, Cold Light Operating Lamp, Ultraviolet Lamp, Blue Light Lamp, Vision Test Lamp, Electric Controlled Medical Bed, Medical Bed With Handwheel, Medical Bedside Cabinet, Wheelchair, Crutches... Each type has many different models and utility features. In addition, Thanh Nhan TNE is always willing to fulfill custom orders.

     Founded in 1994, with 29 years of experience, Thanh Nhan TNE has always been a pioneer in scientific investment, research and development of products and services. Its factory has equipment made in G7 countries. The factory's input materials are strictly controlled and provided by famous brands. Therefore, the products always ensure quality, safety, sophistication, durability, modern features and design, and meet bulk orders.

    In Vietnam: Thanh Nhan TNE is a manufacturer and supplier of medical lamps, medical beds... to many large and small hospitals such as: Cho Ray hospital, Thong Nhat hospital, Bach Mai hospital, 108 Hospital, Hanh Phuc International Hospital, FV Hospital, Columbia Hospital, Hoan My International Hospital... and is always prioritized as the number 1 choice in the bidding packages.

    It is very easy to buy products of Thanh Nhan TNE because they are always available for sale at affordable prices at medical equipment stores and some pharmacies and electronics shops in the centers of provinces, cities, and districts across the country.

   International markets: Products of TNE and MEDILAMP are sold in Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Netherlands, UK, and France...

   Legal properties include: Intellectual property copyright, quality certificate, circulation registration, certificate of free sale (CFS), certificate of environmental protection, ISO 13485, ISO 9001, domestic and international awards...

   Contact and delivery include: Phone numbers, zalo; hotlines; email, facebook, Lazada, Tiki, Sendo... and extensive delivery vehicles.

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